How to make Valentine Day Special –

When I take about February month the only thing I remember is valentine day.The month of February has love in its air. It is not just the Valentine’s Day on the 14th of this month that makes it extraordinary, but it is truly a month full of cute romantic days when you celebrate your love in a unique way.  At times with chocolates, occasionally with roses, each day has a special significance, a unique emotion to communicate.

There is no doubt February is a month of love. The special Valentine’s Day is considered the month of love. February is the second month of the year it is the relationship-focused month. Combining that with the feeling centered energy of February and you get a expressively self-reflective vibe.

It’s about implementing the REAL you this month. Take the time to pause and figure this important step the way you can make it a memorable day.

7 Feb- Rose Day

8 Feb -Propose Day
9 Feb- Chocolate Day

10 Feb- Teddy Day
11 Feb- Promise Day
12 Feb- Kiss Day
13 Feb- Hug Day
14 Feb- Valentine’s Day

8 days with a different meaning give us a us a full chance of expressing out love to love ones. Some time people misunderstand it a day where a couple can celebrate this day. But on a serious note it day of love and love can be for any one whether it’s your mom, dad, son or friends. I remember in my school day I used to rejoice valentine day with my friends. . Cards had come in the mail from grandparents and aunts. I was definitely made to feel special on Valentine’s Day. I think everybody should get the opportunity to feel exceptional on this sweet day full of love.


While your child sleeps, decorate his bedroom door with heart-shaped sticky notes in the shape of a wreath that say all of the things you love about him. Older kids may act like this is dorky, but inside they’ll be glowing!

Cards and heart-shaped notes are a have to on this day!!!! Everyone loves to get such notes from their love one which expresses their feeling about you.

A heart-shaped mealtime is a romantic way to start the day. Even you can cook anythick and just present in a heart shape way. Break out that heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out a heart sandwich for your love ones. I can’t think of Valentine’s Day without also thinking of chocolate!!!!!
This is a great day to bolt from the blue your love ones with a small gift which he or she wants……

Flowers in February makes it brighter and generally people love flowers…
And, of course, decorating is must for Valentine’s Day. Write a compliment, or other words of knowledge, including some of your favorite quotes.

I hope this gona help you in making your valentine day special for all your love once……

I always try to make my love one feel special and try to express my love for them……

Happy valentine day…… to you…….alll………


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